Who We Are And What We Do:

We, Who Have Studied The Vedas And Are Mainly Doing Yajnas Homas, Japas And Remedies For The Betterment Of A Person. Every Day We Accomplish All Of This According To Their Respective Stellar Planet positions in their horoscope.
You Can Contact Us For Your Needs. In Particular, We Will Complete The Japas Of The Planets According To The Astrologer’s Instructions According To Your Horoscope Results With Determination.
Email Us Or WhatsApp Us Your Details As Given Below. We Will Reply To You As Soon As Possible.

What you get during the consultation:

After paying the amount, We start Planet Japam on a particular day that suits the person to whom the japam needs to perform or if it is an emergency we can start on the next day.

We will provide the progress of Japam through WhatsApp. You can listen to the audio during the sankalpam.

After the end of Japam, we will perform graha daanam on your behalf. Will send the japa phala prasadam to your given address through courier.

To give your requirements:


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